Wasteland – An Arma Modification

So what is Wasteland ?

Well it’s another Modification for the excellent Arma Game.

Rather than me explain it let the guys over at the Steam Community page for Wasteland tell you all about it

Wasteland is a gamemode in Arma much like that of DayZ, minus the zombies (Which were more annoying than scary anyways). The object is simply to survive. This can be done Solo or with a team. As of now, there are three seperate teams in Wasteland:

Blufor and Opfor
Players who choose to join the Blufor or Opfor teams are forced to work together with the other players of their respective teams. This does not mean you have to perform every operation with them, it simply means to be mindful of them playing. Players on Blufor and Opfor may not teamkill, steal, or destroy any items or property of their own team. This pretty much means, don’t be a jerk to your teammates. Anyone on your team will have a Blue/Red box next to them, depending on your team.

Players on the independent team are not bound to any teammates by default. If you are playing solo, you may kill, steal from, or destroy anything or anyone you want. You can, however, create a group in which to operate within an independent team called a squad. If you create a squad, you are bound to the same rules as Blufor and Opfor are in terms of those in your squad being your teammates. Players that are in your squad on the independent team will have a green box next to them.

The objective of Wasteland varies from person to person. There is no defined objective for you to follow. You can hoard the possessions of people, turn a town into a murder /k/ube, constantly sabatoge the enemy teams, shoot out all the tires on every single vehicle on the map and steal all the repair kits, make LOADSAMONEY, ect.

Wasteland will randomly assign missions to all players every so often. When a new mission shows up, it is displayed to all players, leaving them to fight for the reward of getting to the area first and killing the AI that is guarding the reward. The rewards often include armored vehicles, aircraft, and caches of weapons and equipment that are immensely useful to you or your team. These missions usually define which team dominates the map.

The one thing I have to say and warn you about this game, is that it’s very immersive, this in part is due to the immense game play area’s and the whole life like look of the landscapes your placed in, I have happily spent 7hrs in this game and not realised until Mel has reminded me that I needed to get some sleep, so be aware that this game is a possible relationship breaker and it’s definitely a lack of sleep maker.

View of Kavala

If anyone does decide to buy this game and care to join me in a Skirmish, you can usually find me on the INCH UK 2 Wasteland Server.

I usually role with the Independents and play under the Moniker of “NicholasBloodyParsons”, so feel free to come find me and either help me or try and kill me . . I dare you . .

Any tips and tricks I pick up while playing the Mod I’ll endeavour to share on here . .

If anyone else has any top Armour tips please feel free to post a comment and share them

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