FedEx Package finally leaves Lantau Island Facility

Well after 10 days of being bumped from every FedEx flight out of Hong Kong, my package has now apparently been put on a plane to Charles De Gaul Airport in France, where upon arrival it will then according to FedEx be placed on another flight to Stansted.

After Stansted it should then some how get delivered to me in Manchester, this is if it passes through customs ok.

According to their website it now has an estimated delivery date of the 4th June 2014, this is after the original estimated delivery date of the 26th May 2014, a whooping difference of 9 days and this is only if they actually do deliver it on this day and if it isn’t delayed any further.

Lets recap then :

Package arrived at FedEx Lantau Facility on :

18/05/2014  –  Sunday

and it sat there until  :

28/05/2014 – Wednesday

a grand total of 10 days for an economy package to be dispatched from Hong Kong, which supposedly should only take approx 4 days’

oh unless of course FedEx enter into deals with the senders to make sure that your economy package gets bumped for priority packages and everyone else’s economy package sent via FedEx and then you could be waiting anything from 10 days before its even put anywhere near the hold of a plane leaving Hong Kong, in which case, don’t expect to receive your parcel/package for at least 14 days if your lucky.

According to FedEx Customer Service this issue seems to be a bone of content with a lot of people who ring up about products being sent via FedEx Hong Kong, but it seems no body wants to take responsibility for it, all they want to do is make profits . . at us the customers price.

The problem being FedEx want custom, so FedEx make deals with forwarders/suppliers that say hey we’ll cut the cost of you sending packages via us, but it will mean that the economy packages will be delayed to your customers, so it’s not necessarily FedEx’s fault that the package is late, its’ the forwarders/supplier who sends it, for taking this deal offered by FedEx, but then again you could argue that they are, because if FedEx hadn’t offered the deal in the first place the supplier wouldn’t have been tempted to take it.

It’s all about money at the end of the day, FedEx want the custom, because at the end of the day they are still making money from the packages sent, especially if they can bump them back a bit and the supplier is making money by being able to charge customers the full economy package price, but actually get it cheaper from FedEx then the customer pays them.

But all at the customers cost . .  late packages/stress/telephone calls/time spent chasing up delivery’s etc etc

Never again will I send a package with FedEx after today and I’ll do my damnedest to make sure that anything I buy from a supplier isn’t sent via them either, worst experience I’ve ever had with a courier service provider

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