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Its a Blog ! Not a Log 1 is the occasional Ramblings of a Yorkshire man who is in a self-imposed exile in Manchester, he’s a sort of Missionary, spreading the word and gospel of Yorkshire, attempting to convert the Lancastrian inhabitants to the one true god “YORKSHIRE”

With him on this journey is is beloved partner Melanie and their four legged companion Lola, a French born Italian Mastiff . . togeather they strive to survive in the wasteland that is Mancunia

Collections : Camera’s,Comics, Music and friends

Politics: Ask me that question when there’s some party decent enough to vote for, until then I’m not interested

Food & Wine : Red Wine,  Tequila, Schnapps and my all time favourite “Brandy and Lime and hold the ice” nearly forgot Gin and Tonic and Hoegarden “Beer of the Gods”

Books/Authors: Iain Banks, Neil Gaiman, James Herbert , J.G.Ballard, Isaac Asimov, Calvin and Hobbs and of course Escort Readers Wives .. .


Well we used to have a number of rat’s, but sadly they’ve all passed away now.

We recenty lost our Cane Corso Blue and still miss her, but we now have a rescue Cane Corso called Lola.

24 thoughts on “About us

  1. Yeah cheers Gary, got a few good one’s off Frank to, showing the football field down Goodmanham Rd, was well flooded

  2. Hi there,

    My stepfather was Captain (QM) at 200 Hovercraft Trials Squadron RCT at Gosport in the early ’70s.

    Sadly Captain W.A.C.Tout is no longer with us however I have some stamp memorabilia (First Day Covers, Guernsey Hovercraft Postcards signed by pilots, etc) which may be of interest.

    If so please contact me by email and I’ll be happy to tell you in detail everything I know and what I have, otherwise I’ll be selling it all on Ebay,

    Best Regards
    Rob Pearce

  3. Hi – just been guided to your blog by my OH Harry – love your dog and your rattie pics – we have 3 dogs at the moment and six rats 🙂

  4. Hello!

    You have a wonderfull dog and pictures of she. I’m also owner of CC – male (blue color) – 3 years old. His name is King. You can see his pictures at our website.

    Bye from Slovenia

  5. Hey fella,

    good to see the site, its one of your neighbours from BCF, the southerners!

    i got a cold as well 🙂

    take care and see you next year, nice blog

  6. Good God we AGREE about how disturbing the 70+ vile excuse for an OAP was (female? debatable). It’s kind of put us right off Sunrise and we don’t think we will go to that festival next year. Big Chill 09 here we come!! We are still not recovered. Rog went to Endorset this weekend and it rained and rained and rained which was a let down after the Big Warm Chill Dry festival. Love to you and Mel and apologies for my morning grumpiness but I definitely blame Diz!

  7. Used to follow Leeds in the 70’s, but lost interest and discovered music and clubbing, much more fun, plus to many idiots on the terraces, suppose if I support anyone now it’d still be Leeds or Hull

    Seems I recall Hull actually beating the Gunners 🙂

  8. Oh snap. Drive the knife in a little deep why don’t you! Very up and down year for Arsenal I have to see. But have to love the fact that Hull is still pulling their own weight. You don’t see a promoted team keep pace with the big boys any more.

  9. Well theres the odd idiot, but there usually just a little to fcuked up on something so are’nt to much bother at the end of the day, just sit them in a corner, give them a bottle of water and point there eyes at the pretty disco lights and there sorted 🙂

  10. Hi Vince, Was wondering if any more notes had been added to the Hovercraft blog. My father was the last to write after a flurry of comments…is there perhaps something I may be missing with refreshing the page or the blog has just gone dead??

    It was great to come across the blog completely by chance searching for my fathers name only to discover it along with some people I know also like Al Crawford and a couple of of other names I recognise from my very early childhood in singapore. Interestingly, (fore some) both my brother and I have asian wives and believe it stems from our time in Singapore when we spend the majority of our time with our alma (singapore chinese) house keeper.

    Cheers for now from sunny New Zealand!!

  11. Dear Vince,

    I’d like to invite you to a bloggers meeting. Really informal, drinks, food, goodies…

    Held by Havana Rum to get some feedback on a twitter campaign they are launching.

    Date is October 8th – all welcome.

    Please e-mail me if of interest.

    Kind regards,

    Krista x

  12. hey Vince
    Didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. Hope you pick this message up. Give me a ring (still on same number) Would loveto hear from you. Love to Mel.

  13. We have something in common. I also own a Cane Corso by the name of Blue. Absolutely love him! Saw videos of your Blue on You Tube– looks like he could be cousins with our “nothing but love”Blue.

  14. I was the teacher in the Pathe 200 Squadron story. We were preparing to start our cross channel proving runs with two N6’s, during the summer, and were happy to get an MOD contract.

    4 of us had come South from Clyde Hover Ferries when it was wrapped up.Hoverlloyd needed Captains to train up others for the N6 summer cross channel route proving service before we started the SRN-4 service from Pegwell Bay, and to write procedures set up safety training, and all the other routines needed prior to carrying vehicles and people across the Channel.
    We didn’t see too much of 200 guys socially, as they were living somewhere out of town (Deal barracks?), but we had a lot of laughs, and only a few near misses!

    I will be happy to answer any questions, and may be able to find the odd picture, although pre digital we weren’t as snap happy as we are now..
    George Kennedy

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  17. George,

    apologies for the delay in responding, perhaps you’d like to post something in the 200 Sqd RCT post I’ve created, where there are quite a few Hovernauts reading and posting their memories of their time spent in the Squadron.



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