Prunnet.exe = Trojan Part 2

Well as discussed in a previous post I acquired a virus/trojan on my PC and after spending hours trying to get rid of it I finally attempted attaching the hard-drive from said PC to another one as a secondary drive and using that PC scanned it with Malwarebytes Scanner software.

Malwarebytes found about 25 different Trojans installed on the system in various folders and thankfully removed them, so took the hard-drive back to the original  PC and thankfully it let me boot into Windows without any problems, so ran Malwarebytes on it again and it came up negative for any more virus/trojans, so I’ve finally got my PC back up and running, took a hell of a long time to do it, but at least it’s clean now.

Hope that if anyone reading this blog  gets this virus this information is of some use to you.

To find and remove this Virus/trojan you’ll need to get a copy of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software and if you can get your PC to boot into “safe mode with networking” install it on your PC update its database, turn off Restore in windows and then run it on the full/deep scan setting, depending on the size and amount of hard-drives you have this can take anything from 30mins- 1hr, once the scans done it will show you a list of the virus/trojans its found and then you just have to click on the remove button, it’ll then probably ask to do a reboot of your PC, once its done this just to be safe I’d run the Scan again, better safe then sorry.

4 thoughts on “Prunnet.exe = Trojan Part 2

  1. I use both PC and Mac, run a PC for gaming and Mail and have a networked Mini-Mac hooked upto the flatscreen and the stereo system in the lounge to control the media entertainment 🙂

    Also have a MacBook and an old MacBook Pro for my photo/movie/music editing entertainment, never used a mac until about 4 years ago, got one shortly after falling in love with the Ipod, still alot to learn about them, but can’t give PC’s up totally as thats my bread and butter so to speak, keeps me in work

  2. Hi there,

    I somehow picked up this virus last night and your blog was one of the few sites it wasn’t blocking when I tried goggling the virus name for help. I followed the steps you posted and was able to get rid of it! Thanks for posting your results.

  3. Glad to have been of help Jeff, yeah that Prunnets a bit of a bugger as you can see from my post it took a while to get rid of.

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