Just a week to go . .

And it’ll be Christmas Day . .

Have I bought any presents yet ? Nope not a single one, mainly due to being very broke, but hopefully get paid tomorrow, so shall be using the money to fund Christmas and the New Year, some it will also be spent on an evening out with the boy’s, who I probably won’t be seeing at all over Christmas, mainly due to being at my mothers in Market Weighton.

It’s nice heading back to Weighton over Christmas, gives me chance to catch up on all the gossip and see friends for a couple of day’s, worst thing is deciding which friends I’m going to see and which friends I’ll let down, but when your only back for 2-3 days you have to make these sort of choices, you can’t see everyone and hopefully people will understand that, anyway there’s always the New Year when I can catch up with them.

It’ll be good to see my mum, not seen her for about 6-7 months now and I know Christmas can be quite hard when you know dad’s not around any more and having the rest of the family togeather at this time of year helps us all I think and we can remember him togeather, as I’m typing this I feel as if I want to cry, I do miss my dad, we may not have always been the best of friends at times, but he was always there when I really needed him and he did his best to guide me on the road we call life, so its good that I cry when I remember him.

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One thought on “Just a week to go . .

  1. i agree with everything you say about commin back to weighton, will be my second yr with out my dad too. Will u be out around the pubs? if so i will hopefully catch up with you,.

    i read ur blogs every day lol, they are interesting.

    bye for now


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