Met a Forumite last night

Well with Mel being out with the girls and the weekend session at the Lakes being postponed I was thinking that I’d be spending last night sat on my own at home with nothing for company but Blue the dog and a Chinese takeaway, but thankfully this all changed when Steve and Phil turned up around 8pm and the decision was made to head into Chorlton for a few beers and an impromptu lads night out.

Started off the evening in the Polar Bar with a few Petterman Artois and slowly worked out way along the many Bars doted along Chorlton main road until we finally hit Bar 480, where we met up with John and his missus Sophie, evening was fairly normal until Sophie went outside for a ciggy and got chatting to a random stranger who is turned out was a Big Chill devotee, after finishing the ciggy Sophie dragged the bloke in and introduced him to me, so we got chatting about all things purple including the forum, told this guy that I was on the forum and gave him my screen name and he did likewise, anyway we both recognised each other screen names and had a bit of a natter, hopefully now we’ve met we might chat a bit more on the forum and he might even be tempted to join us for a walk one Sunday at Sale Water Park.

It’s funny how these things happen, just saying to Mel the other day we need to get to know a few more people in Manchester and in the past couple of weeks we’ve met about 4 different forumites who all live in the Manchester Zone . .  spooky 🙂

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