It’s on a flight to Charles De Gaulle they said . . FedEx

FedEx informed me that the package was on a flight to Charles De Gaulle Airport as we spoke yesterday . .

Well it seems it may eventually be going to Charles De Gaulle Airport before Stansted, but it’s also doing a tour of various other Airports on the way, so far its been to :

LANTAU ISLAND HK – Where it initially started from and spent 10 days being bumped from flights

It finally left Lantau on the 28th and made its way to

TA YUAN HSIANG TW – Where it spent a couple of hours enjoying itself

It left Ta Yuan Hsiang on the same day thankfully and then made its way to

ANGELES CITY PH – Where it checked out all the Phillipino girls and considered getting a job as a home help

It then flew back to

GUANGZHOU CN – Where it thought to itself, hold on a minute I thought I started off in a China, why am I back here

After 5 hours of wondering it got on another plane and made its way to

NEW DELHI IN – Where it again seems its waiting for something to happen . . 

Considering FedEx told me it was on a flight to Charles De Gaulle in France, it’s taking a roundabout route, wondering where it will end up next, I’m thinking maybe Japan or South Africa ?

It’s not even bothered to send me a postcard from any of the destinations it’s been to so far 🙁

The only good thing to come out of this mess with FedEx thus far has been to give me things to write about on my blog, so its not been a total waste of my time . .

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