Giant Bradley Day 2010

Was in my opinion the shittest Giant Bradley Day I’ve been to . . .

This year they decided to hold it on the football field and charge everyone £1 to get in, so why was it shit ?, well apart from the 4 food stands, 1 beer tent (not even being run by a Market Weighton Pub), 6-7 tombola stands, a small funfair, the live music and Punch & Judy there was fcuk all else to keep you interested for the 5 – 10 minutes it took you to walk round the field, though we did hear that the birds of prey would be on again this year, but as I say after 5-10 minutes you’d seen everything, so you could either go away and come back later on just sit around twiddling your thumbs until the time came for them to come on.

There was’nt even a Fun Day Dog Show this year, which was a big disappointment for us and a few other dog owners . . .

I think we stayed for about 20 minutes which was more than enough time to see the “Sights” and then we drove back to Manchester, what a wasted journey that was, just thankful my mum still lives in Market Weighton, so at least the 160 mile round trip was’nt a total waste of petrol.

Why they ever decided to take the celebrations off the High St I’ll never know, but if they want it to be a success they really need to be doing a bit more to make the new site of the event a little bit more than a Tombola meet or bring it back to the High St

We won’t be going next year

2 thoughts on “Giant Bradley Day 2010

  1. I agree!
    The pubs were dead. For our struggling small business it was one of the days they could rely on for a good bit of business, well they killed that one. The idiots who organised this change of venue tried this fiasco of doing an event on the sports field before, it failed miserably. Is there nothing to be learned from history?
    I hear you say “Well theres always trouble in the pubs when its held in the centre”
    Crock of shit! Pock rugby 7’s is held everyear they have far more problems than we do but they would never dream of changing the venue.
    I bet no one is brave enough to admit they where wrong and change the venue back to the town centre, so next year it will be on again in the field, less people will attend and the year after they will give it one more go. It will fail again and that will put an end to Giant Bradley Day.

    Its the same old farts on the same commitees/council that decide these things (except Nigel). Kick them out and start again, and as for the new mayor. Nobody could have picked (not that we were allowed a vote) a more unpopular mayor as we have now.

    Anyway thats my rant for today, hope your ok Slim.

  2. Here here Gary, could not agree more with you. GB Day was originaly put on to attract visitors to the Town to spend at the local shops. It was organised by Market Weighton Chamber of Trade which was all about suporting the Traders who belonged to it etc. But over the past few years it had slowly lost its way and has now totaly lost the Plot. Will we see the GB Statue moved to the football field ?? The Statue is looking worse for wear and sorry for itself !!!
    But Vinnie you have made a good and fair analysis of your day out. I am so glad that I did not attend and waste my hard earned cash there. I did here a tiny portion of Chips cost £1.50 and Fish & Chips were £10 !!!!! Rip off or what ????

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