China and the Ukraine . .

Appear to be the location of lots of hack attempts on my blog, presently these attempts are revolving around the “fckeditor exploit”, this is quite an old vulnerability as far as I am aware and thankfully my site doesn’t suffer from that particular exploit.

Think over the past few weeks I’ve averaged about 5-10 attempts a day by someone either in China or the Ukraine attempting to see if this exploit is within my blog, thankfully its been easy to find out who they are by exporting the log files from “Statspress” plugin and filtering the url requested column and then running a contains the word “fckeditor” filter, its then just a case of taking the ip address’s listed beside these url request’s and adding them to the block ip list contained within the “Wordfence” plugin.

Something else I’ve been able to find out about these particular hackers are that they all seem to favourite Windows XP as an OS and Internet Explorer 6 as their choice of browser, both of which surprised me as both of these are themselves open to vulnerability’s.

Anyway there certainly keeping me busy with the whole blocking process . .


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