I’m undercharging . .

received an email today from PCWorld detailing tips on “How to stay safe online” with links to various pages on their “KNOWHOW” website.

After reading through the various tips on how to stay safe and about all the different types of virus’s I saw a link called “Virus Removal”, so had a click on it to see what advice and recommendation they had for removing virus’s, there’s me thinking it will link to a page full of basic virus removal instructions and links to Anti-Malware/Spyware software or links to Anti Virus software, but nope lead to a page that predominantly display the following

Virus Removal




£50 to scan your PC for Virus’s/Malware/Spyware and then remove it and install Microsoft Security Essentials (a product you can download for free), I am definitely under charging people if this is the going rate for Virus removal, what a fucking rip off PCWorld are, totally unbelievable.

If you ever get a virus on your PC come see me and I’ll do it for £30 . . cheap at half the price.

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