Friday night at the GreenWindmill . . .

turned out well, met Zoe and her partner who are the proud owners of this new live music venue in Stretford and have to say myself and John had a very good time indeed, got to see 2 of the bands who played that night before we headed to Chorlton for a few, though it would seem we obviously enjoyed the Green Windmill a lot more then we thought, because after just 2 drinks in Chorlton we were soon making our way back there.

The Green Windmill is’nt just a place to see live bands it’s also a good place to meet up with friends as it has 2 bars, one situated on the ground floor where the you can arrange to meet your mates and have a chat and a few beer’s and then you can head up to the 1st floor bar where the stage is situated and then just kickback and watch the bands play while enjoying the numerous beers, lagers and spirits the venue has to offer, I’ve also heard they may even be starting to serve food in the not to distant future, but this is just a rumour so don’t hold me to it.

I must say that the joint owners of The Green Windmill and the staff who work there are indeed an enthusiastic group of people who through there love of live music taken on the ghost that was the Moulin Rouge bar and turned it into the place it is now . . . a very good live music venue and a very friendly bar, I can only see things getting better for this place and will definitely be visiting again and be telling my friends and anyone who’ll listen to check this place out.

Below you’ll find the link to some of the photo’s I took of the night, quite a few are blurry so bear with me ( I was a little bit pissed I’m afraid).

The GreenWindmill
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