Up early

Well I’m awake and its only 8:26am on a saturday morning, my supposed day of next rest, but theres reasons for this :

Reason 1. Blue jumped on the bed

Reason 2. I had an early night

Reason 3. My alarm went off

Ok there not very good reasons I know, but I did actually need to get up early this morning as got quite a few things to get done today, first off theres a visit to the vets, seems Blue might have got an eye infection from having her big loveable chunky head stuck out of the car window when we drive around (gonna invest in some doggles for her me thinks), thats all arranged for 10:00am, and then theres my planned visit to the Farmers Market, something I’m looking forward to with gusto, why gusto, well if you knew there was going to be a speciality cheese stall there and cheese was one of your favourite dairy product you’d be full of gusto, mmmmmm cheeeseeee.

Anyway hopefull I’ll be twittering from there once I arrive letting you know what yummy products they have one offer, but for now I think its time for toast and coffee.

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2 thoughts on “Up early

  1. Keep us updated on blue. I have a 7 month old blue Cane Corso named Maya. She would be the one after the cheese!

  2. Hi Wendy, well we’ve been to the vets and were back now, looks like Blue has comjunctivitus in her eye and they’ve given us some eye drops that we’re to administer twice a day for about 10 days, then bring her back for a check up, as for the cheese she did’nt get any but she did enjoy some hog roast 🙂

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