Setting up PC’s in the Office . . .

today and what a ball ache this is, we’ve had 4 new PC’s for about 6months waiting to be swapped out with older ones in the main office area and so far I’ve started and stopped this job about 3-4 times, due to Management changing there minds about how important a job it is, anyway they finally decide that I can start the job for real on Monday and tell me they want it finishing for Friday. . . .  , now that might seem possible, however by having the job finished by Firday what they mean is they want me to install the OS & all the associated software relevant to that PC position and then set up all the use/network settings and once done securly wipe the old PC, reinstall the OS, then relocate the old PC’s into new Positions in the Distribution/Shop areas and again install all the relevant software needed in the those areas to operate the PC’s correctly, not forgettingthat as we don’t use exchange here I’ll first need to copy all the PST files off the 4 old PC’s onto a Network share, then copy them back onto the new PC’s and import into Outlook (on average the size of PST files so far has been anything between 2-3 gig, so long time exporting and importing of.

This job would be a lot easier if we actually had some cloning software available as then I ccould just set up one PC with the main settings that all users have and than just import the PST nad the odd personnel stuff and software they might use, but alas they have’nt, so somehow I don’t think I’ll be completed for Friday.

As of this evening I’d managed to install 3 New PC’s, wipe 1 and reinstall that in its new location, so just 1 new one and 3 old ones to do, reckon Tuesday/wednesday will be finished.

Oh the joy of working in IT, everyone expects you to work miracles and when you don’t wonder why . . . well maybe its because you give stupid deadlines and don’t think about discussing with the IT Dept beforehand.

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