One more day . . .

That’s all I have to suffer before I’m off for the New Year, but god is it suffering today, due to a problem with my MD re: System Administrators god given right to go on other users PC’s when there not in to do system maintenance on their PC’s (He’s said we can’t do that as there might be users private information on the PC’s, there company PC’s there should’nt be), I’m having to spend the day doing the accounts filing as there’s not much in the way I can do with regards IT if I are’nt allowed on peoples PC’s.

You know you could’nt make this sort of thing up, every month there’s something more ridiculous that you either have to do or you are’nt allowed to do, it’s like being in Prison but with some sort of surreal OCD suffering Governor in charge, just got to hold out until the spring and pray the job market is picking up and then start looking in ernest for another job, preferably one where they actually let you do your joB.

Anyway enough ranting about work for the moment as there’s more important things to rant about . .  like the daily papers in the UK :

Today’s tabloid headlines have mostly been about Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard who apparently got into a ruckus in a bar/club last night and ended up spending part of the evening in a Police station, now I’m sure somewhere that is important news, but what about maybe instead of sticking a celebrity on the front page and highlighting their plight the papers actually did something different for a change and maybe tried to raise people awareness of whats actually happening in the real world  . .  say for instance the Gaza Strip, where at this moment the whole might of the Israeli Army is poised to enter the Gaza Strip in war, or how about celebrating the fact that the killers of Craig Brown a 2oyr old father killed on Christmas eve have been apprehended.

It shames me sometimes to read papers, the majority of todays papers are bowing down to peoples fascination with celebrity and giving up about 1/2 of there pages to stories about how such and such celebrity had a boob job, or someone who slept with another celebrity while doing a backwards handstand (ok that ones not true, but it might as well be).

Bring back proper papers that tell proper stories . .

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