Make me an UberGeek – Ideal job for me :)

Ok, ok I’m an UberGeek already I know, but now I can finally apply for a job as one, I won’t get paid for it, but there’s a chance to play with all things geekery for free . . 

Seems our local branch of the Carphone Warehouse are looking to employ an Honorary member of staff who’ll get to play with all the new shiney gadgets they get at there store, what more could I want ( erm maybe my own Hubble telescope ), so I think I’m going to enter, god only knows what toy’s I’ll get to play with if I get to be a winner, be pretty cool testing out new stuff and it’ll give me the chance to review it on here at the same time.

If its camera phones I can use them for either my flickr or YouTube account, then there’s always the chance it could be the latest 3G phone with fancy apps for me tweet with, anyway I’m in the middle of hopefully successfully selling myself to those Carphone Warehouse people and need to get back to typing up an email . .  watch this space to see if I’m the one. . . .  .

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