Got bitch slapped from behind while having a piss

Went out for the night in Chorlton with John, Myles and Sarah, was a good night until some scally mate who I’d spent the previous 30 mintues having a chat to and had a laugh with, he seemed ok,  got on fine with him and his mate, left them to go have ciggy out front of the bar, came in for a piss walked passed them both and gave them a tap on the back to acknowledge them and say what a good night we’d had and hoped they were having a good night, next thing I’m having a piss when suddenly i get a fist in the back of the head and turn round and its this scally punching me, because i’d apparently touched his arse, being the big man he bitch slapped me from behind, was’nt really hurt, just more in shock then anything

His mate was sound though just dragged him out of the bar, though next time I hope he has the decency to hit me face on rather then sucker punch me from behind

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2 thoughts on “Got bitch slapped from behind while having a piss

  1. Anyone that punches someone in the back of the head is a punk ass bitch. Not even man enough to get you to turn around just shows what a bitch he is. Really who does that? In the back of the head?

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