Its Friday and I about to . . .

gt in my car and drive across to my mothers to bring her across to Manchester so we can spend the day at the Imperial War Museum North looking at the Captured exibition.

Why the captured exibition ?

Well my mum was a civilian internee of the Japanese from the day after Singapore fell to the VJ day, so this exibition will be of great interest to my mum and may even have exihibits from camps she was interned in.

Anyway got to shoot if I want to get across there and back before it gets to late.


2 thoughts on “Its Friday and I about to . . .

  1. It was part of my curriculum growing up James, was also encouraged to watch Tenko.

    The woman who wrote Tenko, Lavinia Warner actually came and interviewed my mother for the book “Woman Beyond the Wire” and theres a couple of pages in there about her and the rest of her family who were also interned at the time.

    Also the film Paradise Road is based on the camp my mother was in and the vocal band that was formed there

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