Enjoyable evening at electriks . .

Back home after another night of good food, good beer and excellent company at electriks, was only going for a quick 1/2, but ended up getting tea there and spending a warm summer evening chasing the breeze with Sean, Luke and Miles, also met Ged for the first time, nice guy, hopefully chat some more some time with him.

Lukes trip to Croatia seems as though it was time well spent, seems to have started the preperations for electrik elephant in 5 weeks time, just wish we  were going but can’t really afford it and aint got any holidays left to be honest, hopefully be there next year if all goes well.

Miles is definatly winding up to his birthday celebrations on saturday, he’s even managed to get Luke to dj for part of the evening, so looks likes thats gonna turn into a very good night indeed, checked out the chipshop thats opened next door to electriks and can now understand why its always so busy, very big portions indeed, reckon it’s going to be a little goldmine if they keep up the large portions.

Saw Adam and his good lady as they sauntered by and saw one of Chorltons regular fixture “You want DVD” man trying to sell his wares.

Anyway home now so best get meself off to bed for early start at work and the weekend.

Cyas on the other side

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