Been a bit Lax with my updates

Seems I’m spending more time on Twitter then I have been on my Blog of late, so here I am back to update you all on whats been happening in the world of Vince.

Bank Holiday Weekend:

Spent most of the holiday weekend in the company of Mel, Blue our dog, John and Sophie, introduced them both to Pi-chorlton and the delectable PIE they sell, me and John went for the Mooo PIE while Mel and Sophie went all cheesy on us and had the Heidi PIE, think they both will be visiting that fine establishment again from the comments they made about the tasty PIE.

Also popped into Electriks for a few beers where Blue got plenty of admiring glances and pets on the head.

Saturday we met up with Bernie, Lisa, Andrew, Paul, Rik, Kev and Riks missus Clare I think, introduced them to Electriks fine beers and free Jukebox, though we couldn’t stay to long as we’d been out most of the day drinking and were fairly pissed fairly early so headed home around 9:30pm, Sunday and Monday was spent relaxing watching movies at home.

As for today, well I’ve just dropped my car off at BMTec for its annual MOT and hopefully after a few fixes to a leaking front shock absorber, a faulty parking brake and a few knackered lights it should pass, though might be a tad more expensive then I’d hoped, will now how much around about 3:00pm today.

On about Twitter . . . I now have 76 followers, so slowly but surely I’m getting a nice set of people following me and I in turn follow them, seems quite a few are dog owners like myself and its nice to know our Cane Corso Blues getting more fans, seems where ever I out something about her on the Internet she attracts attention, but hey shes a pretty princess so its to be expected lol

Anyway gonna shoot now and catch up on some TV i’ve missed, got about 4 episodes of The Fringe to watch and the whole of Series 3 of The Wire, looking forward to The Wire especially as this series there on the trail of the Avon Barksdale gang again.

Nearly forgot I’m also using AudioBoo now so check out the AudioBoos in the menu at the top right to here my lovely voice lol

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