Astro Motion Control update

Just had another update from Oscar Ramirez about the expected delivery date for the Astro Motion Control, it now looks like it’s not going to get to me until Sept, which is a shame, as go on my hols the first few weeks of Sept and would have been nice to try it out on the Pembroke shire coastline 🙁

Anyway here’s Oscars update (the bit about production and shipping anyways . .


“Most of you are also wondering what does “full production” mean, and more importantly when are you getting your Astro! It means that we already placed all the orders from our vendors and they are working on it. Lead times vary as some parts are custom-made and others are off the shelf. Our longest lead time (injection plastic molds) is 5 – 6 weeks away from now. This means the first Astros will be assembled by the end of August. 

We will be receiving all parts and do final assembly in the USA, and we expect all orders to be fulfilled by the end of September. We want to show you as much as the production process as we can; right now all we have is a bunch of purchase orders and tracking numbers, but we will definitely be posting some cool videos and pictures in the coming weeks”

So hopefully come October I can finally hopefully start using my DMC-3 in some of my Time-Lapse compositions, which I think I’ll try with a fish-eye lens 🙂


Watch this space

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