Superfortress Overexposed Crash Site Bleaklow Moor

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Over the Easter Bank holiday myself, Blue, Steve and Liam headed over to Bleaklow Moor just above Glossop to do a bit of exploring, as Steve had told us about a USAF Boeing Superfortress that had crashed there, it was part of the 16th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, Strategic Air Command, the Superfortress was on a routine 25-minute flight from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire to the USAF base at Burtonwood.
The crash happened on the 3rd November 1948 in heavy cloud cover and sadly the crew comprising of 13 souls died in the crash.
Even over 60yrs later there is still quite a debris field across the top of the hill where it hit.

It was quite erie stood up there amongst the remaining wreckage, people still pay there respects as can been seen by the remeberance cross’s that have been placed beside one of the Superfortress’s 4 engines.

Such a sad end to so many lives in what was then and is still is a very windswept desolate place, will probably go back there in the summer when the weathers a bit better and explore the site a bit more.

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