10 thoughts on “Tesco Mobile and the Bain of Unsolicited SMS Messages

  1. Yet more ppi sms messages from UK Scum Spammers offering £2350 in commpensation for mis sold ppi, well a few key points here to think on before using the services of a low life scum bag like this.

    1: they do not have your permission to send you an sms message as per UK legislation they must have an opt in statement and most will tell you that you filled in an online survey this is rubbish they are attempting to avoid detection.

    2: The sms message breaches a whole lot of other rules as they can not list records indicate this is misleading to an individual whom may receive said message.

    3: Anyone needing to seek a ppi refund from credit cards or banks Do Not Under Any Circumstances Use a Company to do this as they will in all cases charge you a large fee for doing so and in some cases this is as high as 40%, look on http://www.moneysavingexpert.co.uk and use the free letter templates to reclaim this yourself.

    4: If you only ever receive the odd few of these sms messages then just delete them, ignore other peoples advice that say replying makes the scum bag scammer aware of your number as they already know this from the delivery report of the sms message to your mobile.

    5: People say report them to the ICO, I advise to use the MOJ as they take these cases more serious and will endevour to punish the scum that send these out.

    6: If like me you get sent lots of the sms messages then please use this site to list the number and details to make others aware of these nasty low life individuals that hound us with unwanted rubbish each and every day, you can always use the keyword in the reply ie: claim, yes or ppi and await a phone call to source the original sender as the Company that rings you must supply you with the full details of the sender and then advise the scum not to harrass you ever again.

  2. I get the same numerous texts too, when I call the number back it goes to answerphone so I leave a message saying I will be reporting the number to the relevant authorities to have it barred but I don’t leave my number so they can’t forward it to any other companies to perpetuate the text sending. Whatever you do, don’t text back as they then know your number is live and can sell it on to other similar companies who will start the cycle over again!!

    Try contacting the CEO for tesco mobile: graham.harris@uk.tesco.com

    I’ve just read that someone sent a complaint to him and got a response!!

  3. As Tesco Mobile use O2 as their service provider by contract – i.e. we are actually using the 02 system re-branded as Tesco Mobile – would it not be worth complaining to O2?

  4. I’ve spent many hours on the phone to both Tesco and O2 and all they ever do is offer to change my number for me, which they’ve done twice so far, but if I have to do it a 3rd time, I’m not giving in until I get them to ban these sim cards totally from being sold to unscrupolous call centres.

  5. Hi Henry,

    apolgoies for delayed response . . I’ve been in contact with both 02 and Tesco about the matter, but with very little positive action on their side, they responded with the usual speel about how they are trying to stop this spam occuring and that I should forward the message to the relevant Networks Spam Prevention team, but as we all know, by the time they have received it, the particular number in question is already dead/used up its quota of free text messages and they culprits have just moved onto another free sim.

    Only was I see of stopping this is either companies like Tesco/o2 start to collect data on the people who purchase these burners/throw away numbers and insist that identification be used when purchasing, so they at least can hopefully spot re-offenders and prevent them buying these sims.

  6. Tesco themselves send out unsolicited, unwanted nuisance text messages telling us about their latest prices and deals. I have complained in writing, by email and by telephone and essentially received the reply “Tough – we’re not going to stop sending them to you”, which I find incredible. Anyway, I will be suing them in the Milton Keynes County court and fully publicising the matter in due course.

  7. Tim a good place to start for getting the CEO’s number is via this website http://www.ceoemail.com/ also I’d suggest contacting them via Twitter, as Tesco’s don’t like their dirty laundry being displayed in public so to speak and their twitter feed is very public, I had issues earlier this year with another Tesco product i.e. Pet Insurance and they were not willing to pay out, but once I started raising the issue with them on Twitter I immediately got a response and they re-opened my claim and after a few days of conversation they coughed up on the claim.

    Anyway good luck . .

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