Payday at last and a dog finds a new home

January has been a long long month when it comes to waiting for Payday to arrive, last got paid around the 20th Dec, so have for the past week been surviving on savings in the bank and Mel’s weekly pay-packet.

The good thing about waiting so long to get paid, is the fact that now when we eventually get around to going for a nice Pub Sunday lunch, we’re going to really enjoy it, thinking maybe this Sunday checking out The Parlour on Beech Rd, heard a lot of good reports about the roast’s they do . . . mmmmm roast, not had a Sunday roast in ages (living with a Peskatarian partner has its drawbacks).

Also want to check to see if, as we’ve lead to believe that The Parlour is dog friendly, if it is this will be a plus as then we’ll have another place to chill after our weekend dog walks, plus it’s close to Chorlton Meadows, so exercise then lunch, what more could a man and his dog want on a weekend.

On the subject of dog’s, we met a nice couple in Electrik Bar the other week with a little Staffie girl called Tiggy, who it turned out were looking for a new home for her, appears that the dog was their daughters, who has now left home, but can’t take Tiggy with her, so her parents have taken her on, only thing is, they both work all day, meaning Tiggy was left in the house for about 8hrs a day with no human contact or interaction.

Well on hearing this we introduced them to John & Sophie, who it happens were looking to get themselves a new addition to their household and now after a week’s test run so to speak, Tiggs as she’s now called has a new home, we also have another couple to go for Sunday walks with J

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