Nigerian Scammers are persistant are’nt they . .

Well got another email this morning from a Mr Merry Jessy who’s representing a company in Singapore of all places his emails below :

“From: ;[] On Behalf Of LANTECH Pte. Ltd.
Sent: 22 October 2008 14:43
To: info@********
Subject: ORDER

Dear Sir, Please give your best delivery price for the followings: This is my order list 1. Mitutoyo 500-196-20 .0-6″ digital caliper Qty 50 Ea 2. Mitutoyo 500-197-20 .0-8″ digital caliper Qty 25 Ea 3. Mitutoyo 500-172-20 .0-8″ digital caliper Qty 25 Ea Is it possible for me who lived in Singapore to order from you ? Concerning shipment , what shipping method do you ussually use to send the goods ? Do you send it via DHL/UPS ? I have Visa and Mastercard is it acceptable for payment of my order ? I am awaiting for your favorable answer. Thank you very much. Merry Jessy”

As you can see he has a feeble command of the English language and his grammar skills are a little bit poor, but the main thing thats’ wrong with this particular scammer is that he continues to use the same email address as he’s used on other scam’s, this being “” now if you google this address it takes you to a website set up by a gentleman called david, his websites here by the way,

Anyway we’ll probably be sending this gentlemen a reply detailing the prices and freight costs and see if he replies, hopefully he’ll reply back and then the scam baiting can begin, I’ll update you when and if he replies

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