Does’nt a shower do wonders . . .

I actually feel a bit more alive now after that, plus the ibuprofen are starting to kick in a bit now.

Anyway last nights visit to the Windmill was definately worth it, got to see 2 of the bands that were on last night, these being Kovak a five piece band comprising of Abby Harmony: Vocals, Karl: Vocals, Guitar, Dazza: Drums, Toby: Bass  and Martin: Synth, there musics a sort of mix of electro, indie dance(reminds me a bit of Blondie in some ways), Abby thelead vocals definitely has a voice that you enjoy hearing, has a sort of hypnotic sound to it, just makes you want to swing,bop,dance and just generally gyrate, filmed some of their set last night and will be sticking it on YouTube shortly for your enjoyment, had a bit of a chat with them after the gig and they seem like decent types (even if they are southerners lol), the band come from Brighton and seem to have quite a big following down there, they also have a a club night called  ? yep you’ve guessed it Club Kovak down there where I’m guessing they’ve been cultivating there sound and their fanbase, next time I’m in Brighton I might have to check it out as from the sounds of the music they play live I’m guessing the Club Night will be just as good.

Now why don’t you do the decent thing and instead of reading my quick and rather rubbish review (not the best reviewer in the world am I) go and download there latest single, you can find it here I Love the Dancefloor and tell me what you think.

Anyway its time I took Blue for her walk, shes sat here whining at her dad, so I’ll be back later with a review of the 2nd Band “OneandaZero”

4 thoughts on “Does’nt a shower do wonders . . .

  1. Hey Vince – grand to meet you! And steady on – I’m not a southerner – just those pesky boys! lol

    Great to meet you and Blue, and thanks for the plugging, not to mention the tip on Orlando’s!

    All the best
    Abby x

  2. Hi Abby,

    no probs regarding the plug, the band were worth a plug, thoroughly enjoyed the evening, will hopefully post the YouTube videos up in the next couple of day’s, just been a little busy in the real world to get anything done on here, so pop back in a couple of days and the videos should be up.

    Glad you enjoyed Orlando’s . . so did you go for the Supreme breakfast or did you wuss out and just get the quick fix ?

    Ended up going back there later for tea, had myself a lovely Curried Goat and Pea Rice . . mmmm yummy

    Let us know if your playing up here again and will be sure to post the dated on here for you

  3. Turfin what you’ve got to remember is that your not with it mate, not hanging with the kids anymore, they don’t listen to Shaking Stevens like yaself, you need to get yourself out a bit more, instead of haning round the local W.I. looking for a possible rich widow 🙂

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