4 thoughts on “The Dog set on fire has been found

  1. Ik vind het onmenselijk wat sommige mensen doen met dieren mijn hart breekt als ik zoiets zie. gelukkig bestaan er nog mensen met een hart, heb zelf 4 poezen en 2 honden ook 2 gered van de straat de vriendschap en die liefde dat je ervoor terug krijgt is onbetaalbaar!!! groeten van een dierenvriend

    (Translated for our english readers)
    I think it’s inhumane what some people do with animals breaks my heart when I see something. fortunately there are still people with heart, myself have 4 cats and 2 dogs 2 rescued from the street friendship and love that you get in return is priceless !!! greetings from an animal lover

  2. Nikki,

    totally agree, its appalling what human’s can do to animals and think its right. Thankfully for this dog, there were people willing to help and he’s now got a loving home and treatment for his injuries.

    The worrying thing about all this, is that animal cruelty is a major problem in Greece, it’s part of the norm for alot of people there, animals are not always treated humanely and this needs to change, people need to let the Greek Govt and the Greek people that it’s not what a civilised society does.

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