Virgin Broadband is shite

Well I’m now using Virgin Broadband now as NTL are no more, though its supposedly the same set up as before except now my Linksys Router won’t work with Virgin, so after seeking advice off the premium rate number provided by Virgin to ring I was told I should use either a Belkin or Netgear Router, so �64 later I had one, and after reading the instructions and setting the router up I got a connection, however as soon as I add more then one computer to the router I end up losing my BB connection within 30 minutes, which to be honest is a bit crap, so again contacted Virgin premium line explained all this to them, they say nothing wrong with the connection and contact Netgear, they say nothing wrong with the Router contact Virgin, so this carries on and on going round in circles and still no solution, so tomorrow I’m returning my Belkin router to Comet and trying a Netgear one.

Will let you all know how it goes once I get that one installed . . heres hoping

One thought on “Virgin Broadband is shite

  1. Try Eric @ Alpha PC , he has got Netgear Wireless Routers for £49.98. He could post you one!
    Good luck. At least my service provider has a techy support no which is at local rate and not premium rate !

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