Still delayed in FedEx Lantau Island Facility…. appalling if you ask me

Received and email back today from the supplier of the camera slider in China letting me know that they’ve spoken to their forwarder, who has informed them, it’s been delayed because of Fedex, they apparently have lots of packages waiting for shipping.

Which is probably true, but neither this answer or FedEx’s really answers my main question : When will it be dispatched ?

Appears that they can’t really give me any further information except :

I might get it in 3-4 days ?

That the package might be sent today ?

That it might be sent in 10 days ?

That in theory it might be sent after 10 days, but can’t say when . .

What I find most appalling about it all is that FedEx have my item listed as an Economy package which according to their website should take approx 4 days to be delivered . .  well that is unless of course FedEx Hong Kong have entered into an arrangement with the sender that all their economy shipments are sent on a standby basis, this means that they will only leave Hong Kong if there is space on the aircraft once all other shipments are loaded.

Which results in my package being continually bumped back day after day until there’s space, so this could go on for days/weeks/months until there is space for it, but FedEx can’t even tell me that, all they say that in theory it could be longer than 10 days. . .  so only 2 more to go for me to find out if it is going to be longer thatn 10 days . .

Had a few people get in contact with me about this and it seems a lot of things get delayed at Lantau Island FedEx facility . . .

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