accounting for unusual amounts of traffic to my blog

I’m getting a lot of visits to my blog at the moment from a company called Semalt, it seems that they are a web service tracking site that appears to be using repeated visits to people’s blog’s to get you in turn looking at their website and then signing up to find out who exactly they are, but I particularly don’t want to sign up for their services, especially as to do so they ask you to log in with your Facebook details, sounds a little dodgy to me.

Quite a few others have blogged about them here’s one blogger who got a response from them

Letter to a blogger from Semalt

There’s also been alot of chat on the forum’s about them, seems alot of people don’t like them messing up their stats’, me included.

As far as I’m concerned at the moment, there nothing but Stat Spammers and I think I’ll be using the information provided by Anthony at on how to block them.


3 thoughts on “ accounting for unusual amounts of traffic to my blog

  1. So after finding Semalt on Twitter @semalt_com and asking them to remove me from their bot’s list of websites crawled, they’ve apologised and now told me it’s fixed, presuming this means no more visits from them

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