Party night tonight

Its arrived . . . the day when Bernie celebrates her 43rd year on planet earth and how is she going to celebrate . .  yep she’s going out with us lot . . . poor poor Bernie, what is she letting herself in for, the plan so far is to meet up at the Green Windmill in Stretford drink large quantities of beer and then head back to Bernie’s place for the end of the evening/morning.

We’re intending arriving about 9:00pm-9:30pm, by which time it should be in full effect, so I hopefully won’t have much time to drink before we head back to Bernie’s, as don’t fancy getting wasted tonight as still recovering from last weekend’s shenanigans at Ben’s.

We’ve now gone and bought Bernie her b-day present and I’m not going to reveal to you lot what it is, you can just wait until the after Bernie’s party post to find out.

I’m probably going to do one quite early from the party as Blue our Cane Corso’s still feeling a little under the weather with her phantom pregnancy, so don’t want to be leaving her all alone all night as the last time we did she apparently kept the neighbours up with her howling, seems she was missing us and wanted the world to know, just a shame it was at about 2:00am in the morning, sorry Jane 🙁

On the subject of Blue and her phantom pregnancy, it does seem to be subsiding now and the only symptoms remaining are her need to carry fluffy toys around with her all the time and her lactating teats, the lactating being the major symptom me thinks, thankfully she’s no longer pacing up and down all night or digging holes in the garden (this caused no end of trouble, what with muddy paw prints and shaken dirt distributed around the house), she’s also managed to get her appetite back which is good as she lost quite a bit of weight and she’s also alot more bouncier as well, all these symptoms are the reason we ended up taking her to the vet in the first place.      We’ve still got one more visit to the vets in the next week or so, just to have a check up and to arrange for her to be splayed (something I suppose we should have done when we got her), once she’s been spayed she shouldn’t suffer from phantom pregnancy’s or any form of pregnancy again.

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