Nigerian 419 Scam Artists

Seems that a Mr Lucas Scott using the email address is after some Power Tools, heres the email he sent me

“Good Day,
I will like to place an order with your store for the product below.
Dewalt  9″ D28411 Grinder with Anti Vibration Side Handle (230 Volt)………..20 pieces I will like you to get back to me with the full quotation including VAT and delivery to london.
I will be waiting for your urgent response now.
Lucas Scott

Now after requesting further information from Lucas regarding delivery address etc, he sends this email back

“Here is the delivery address:- Unit 8 the argent centre,
Silverdale road,

Kindly get back to me as soon as possible now with the total quotation.

Lucas Scott”

Now there’s the problem you see because after googling this address I can only find a Unit 7, who I ring up and ask them if they have a Unit 8 beside them, they inform me they do and give me the name of the business next door to them, they let me know the name of it, which seems totally different to the name Lucas has given me in previous emails.

So as I originally suspected it would seem that Lucas is infact a 419 Scam, so now I think I’ll play him along for a little while and see how much of his internet time I can use (don’t forget he has to pay to use an internet cafe)

What really amazes me about Lucas is that he tried this scam in Dec and I knew then he was a 419 Scammer and literally told him so, but being the idiot he obviously is he thinks we must have short memories or something.

Anyway I’ve posted this on my blog so that if any one else gets an email off him they won’t fall for his ploy and I think it’s about time I had a Scam Email section as I seem to be getting alot of them lately

5 thoughts on “Nigerian 419 Scam Artists

  1. Just had the same thing happen to us.. Same Scammer.. Goes under the name Smith Cole also from Smith Cole Inc (which isnt even a real company or an english comapany). has a mobile number (07031924791) if youd like to be nice to him. Also uses the name Joshua Kenneth.

    Hope this helps-

  2. but isn’t the general advice about dealing with these w*nkers NOT to reply to them as to do so only serves to verify your email address and they will pass (or sell) it on to their scummy mates. Maybe this is why you’re receiving so many??

    Anyway, since you’re getting along so well with scammer-boy, tell him there’s a £50 admin fee to send him a quote – to be paid in cash up-front of course.

  3. Well you see turfin I wanted to do some scam baiting, see how far the guy would go and what he’d do to get the order.

    Anyway it seems the address they gave is a shipping company who have recently sent aload of other shit through to nigeria for this Lucas Scott and it seems they’ve had alot of people complaining to them about it and trying to get there goods back after recieving dodgy Mastercard details etc.

    Can’t understand why people actually fall for this sort of shit to be honest

    So Mike what was he after from your company then ?

  4. is there any way of contacting the police for this kind of fraud.. obtaining good by deception? we have his mobile number and place where goods are sent.. ?

  5. Hi Mike, there is supposedly a 419 Fraud unit in the Met Police, I’ve emailed them before about this guy, but as yet had no response, seems that the police are’nt interested at all.

    All we can do is keep posting on blogs/forums our experiences with this guy, I’ve contacted the place where the goods are sent, there a Courier/Frieght forwarding firm called Metropol, I’ve contacted them and informed them that the guys a 419 Scam artist, but no one seemed interested, just seems as though there just happy to get paid to deliver the goods.

    Lets just hope that other people who are asked to send goods there are in the know enough to google the details and find this page 🙂

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