Mr Moores provided his Credit Card details . .

and after checking them with our credit card machine company under a Code 10, they have confirmed that the cards are most likely being used fraudulently.

Below is Mr Moores email to me obviously with the Credit Card details blanked out, I have however left his address in, so that if you receive any similar requests for goods and are given this name and address as the card holder address, you’ll think twice before going through with the transaction.

I’m also posting below that the previous email with the address Mr John Moore wanted the goods shipped to in London

Thank for the email and below is my credit card details for the payment. I will like you to split charge the below card for the total of the order. Charge 1195 each on the below cards to complete 2390 which is the total of the order including VAT and delivery. I will like you to get back to me with the confirmaion as soon as you charge the card.

JOHN MOORE // xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx // 03/10 // 1xx— MASTER CARD

JOHN MOORE // xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx // 08/09 // 2xx — MASTER CARD

The card is registered to 5 SANDHURST ROAD LS8 3QP LEEDS.

The name to ask when they want to deliver the package is ATT MICHEAL BASHORUN

I will be waiting to read back from you as soon as the card is charged.

John Moore

The Address they wanted the goods shipped to is detailed within the email below, its most likely a Courier Service or Freight Forwarding Service, so watch out for this address if you are asked to deliver goods there.

Thank you for the reply and here is the delivery address
Unit 5
4 Bayford Business center
Bayford Street
E8 3SE.

I will be waiting to read from you as soon as possible now.

John Moore

Finally allow me to add his email address, so you can see if you get any from this particular scammer

So ends another 419 Nigerian Scam, but allow me to say my thanks to John Moore for an entertaining morning, I really hope I’ve wasted your time and I hope you get arrested soon and preferably gang-raped in prison by a rather large group of men who use you as there bitch 🙂

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