Monday, 20th January 2014




Six months, one day ago, I gave up smoking . .

I honestly never thought that I’d reach this small milestone of 1/2 a year, but I have and don’t get me wrong I’ve had my weak moments where I would have killed for a cigarette, but thankfully didn’t.

It’s not like its got any easier, I still sometimes feel like I need a ciggy, or want a ciggy, but there’s no longer the craving/addiction that was there before, so it’s now just a case of being able to say no and not suffering the withdrawal’s anymore.

I fully understand now why people who quit smoking harp on about it so much, it’s because their no longer bound by the Nicotine addiction, they see past the packer and the smoke, they’ve been reborn so to speak, even me, you’d be amazed at how easily I find myself telling people about Champix and how I feel better for not smoking and how they should give it a go and how they’ll feel better to, if only they give up smoking . . .

So what’s the biggest changes to my life since I quit :

I don’t hack up 1/2 of my chest in a morning,  I now have money spare to buy boys toys, I don’t stink of stale tobacco and most importantly I feel much healthier in myself.

So here’s to the next six months and the next milestone.

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