Mmmmmm Curried Goat and Rice . . . .

Thats what I had last night and now matter how many times I’ve had it now I just don’t get bored of it, which considering when I first heard of Curried goat I didn’t exactly like the idea of it as a meal, let alone eating it on a regular basis, and eat it I do, as soon as I’ve had my first forkful of the stuff I can’t stop piling it in until the plates clean, its one of those meal’s that once you’ve started you cant stop until its all gone, very rare you find a food that nice and that good you don’t even want to to stop to make polite dinner time conversation, so for those people who think I’m being ignorant “I’m not” I’m just enjoying my food to much to waste time talking.

Anyway as you’ve guessed we were at Orlando’s Bar again last night, Mel had just had her hair done and wanted to go out, so we headed across to Chorlton for tea, glad we did actually as we discovered another lover of Cane Corso’s, and how’d we know he loved Cane Corso’s ? well he’s the first person we’ve met who actually knew that Blue was a Cane Corso, quite a shock for the pair of us, turns out he’d seen some in Canada while visiting his brother and he’d actually bought one when he got back to the UK, she was a Blue girl as well, but sadly  she was born with a heart defect that couldn’t be operated on and she was sent to sleep, he’s thought about getting another one, but his wifes sort of put paid to that, though he’s said now he’s seen Blue, it’s put the idea back in his head, so you never know in a couple of months Blue might not be the only Cane Corso in Chorlton soon (Booo Hisss – Only Joking).

Blue was certainly lapping up the attention last night, she was being spoilt by Rupert and his bar staff, in total she had 4 sausage’s (she had 2 when me and Blue went there for brekkie) and a piece of stewed beef, I think she likes Orlando’s Bar a lot, which is understandable, its got good food, good drink, friendly staff and most of all a really nice chilled relaxed atmosphere

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