Lovely Saturday in Stubbins

Dogwalking in the Irwell Valley was a bit of a muddy affair yesterday, due to the extremely heavy rains we’ve had and the fact that everyone else had the same idea, the footpaths were well and truly churned up.

Mel negotiating the Mud

Still the views around there made up for all the mud, it’s quite stunning round there & sometimes wish we could live there ourselves, but 1 into:
Manchester every day would be a killer, so just have to stick with the odd weekend visit.

Here’s some of the things we saw on our walk:

White Cottages

The Irwell

Relaxing Waterfall

Picture Frame Sculpture

Llamas ?

Irwell Valley Steam Train

Really enjoyed our walk, it was tiring, yet enjoyable and it ended with an obligatory pub visit “The Shoulder of Mutton” in Holcombe where beer & food were consumed, I went for the very filling Rump Steak Burger with a side order of triple fried chips mmmmmm tasty.


Think Blue enjoyed it, she was knackered when we got back home

Tired Blue

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