It’s in Manchester . . . FedEx finally deliver . .

Well sort of . . I’ve not actually got it in my hands at the moment, but my Motorised Camera Slider from China has at least now touched down in the UK.

It really quite amazing to be honest, from actually leaving Lantau Island HK to arrive in Manchester took 2 days only, just a shame it hadn’t taken just 2 days to be sent when it first arrived at FedEx’s Lantau facility 10 days before on the 18th May, then it might have actually arrived in time for my birthday and in time for its intended use that weekend.

I’ve now got to wait with bated breath to see if it arrives at my house in a timely manner or some other excuse/delivery option stops it, I’m waiting with bated breath to be honest.

For those interested the last part of the packages journey took it from :

NEW DELHI IN – Where it managed to fit in a very hot madras ( I like to think)

it then arrived in

DUBAI AE – Where it watched the sunset over a hot desert sky

then a quick stop at

ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE CEDEX FR – where it had some bread and cheese with a cheeky little red wine

before finally arriving in the UK at

STANSTED GB – where is was probably roughly man handled by a big british, well actually probably polish (us brit’s don’t do manual work anymore, it’s beneath them apparently) bloke who stuck it on a truck to

MANCHESTER GB – Where it’s now sat on a van making the rounds of Manchester until it finally arrives at my door (when ever that is).

Anyway when it finally does arrive I will be completing a unpacking video me thinks for YouTube, so everyone can see what it looks like and what the fuss was about.

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