In other news today . . Smoke free day today

Well after 12 days on the Champix, today is the day I have chosen to actually give cigarettes up, though why I choose Monday of all days to be my first day without a ciggy I have no idea, just hoping its a quiet and un-stressful day in the world of work related IT (as if that’s going to happen).

Thinking about it, this is probably the 1st day in over 30yrs that I’ve not woken up and had a cigarette before breakfast, its also the first time in over 21 yrs that I’ve driven my car to work without sparking up . . . very weird feeling indeed.

I have grapes, gum and breakfast bars to munch instead of ciggys to smoke, I’ve made sure there are no hidden packs of cigs in the car, my desk or my coat, I’ve also informed colleagues who do smoke not to give me cigarettes even if I beg, something I pray to god I don’t resort to, how fcuking embarrassing would that be, I’ve even informed all the girls at the ASDA garage not to sell me any cigarettes and to remind me if I ask for any that I’ve quit.

Its’ now gone 10:00am the time I usually go out and have my morning cigarette break and I’m surviving just, I can feel my mouth drying up and the craving still there at the back of my head, saying go on have a ciggy, but I will resist the urge, I must resist the urge.

I’ve made a cup of coffee and grabbed a breakfast bar instead, seems to be working . .


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