Enjoyable evening at 2022NQ

Went to see the Unabombers play at 2022NQ on Saturday night, they were helping the venue celebrate their 1st birthday.

Must say I’d not heard of 2022NQ until that night and wasn’t sure what it was going to be like, the venue is a licensed café bar, with a gallery and event space, the entrance to which is located down a side alley off Dale St, took a bit of finding at first, as not familiar with Dale St myself, but once we located the entrance and descended the stairs, we were pleasantly surprised by the space, with the DJ decks set up against the white tiled rear wall and a bar located off to the side of the room, there was more than enough space left over for everyone to get dancing.

The space it occupies has a real aesthetic to it, that I can only think by describing as what a space in New York’s Meat Packing district might look like (though I’ve never been, but seen these type of spaces on the numerous detective programs on the TV).

In whole the crowd were a mixed group of ages, from your early 20’s right through to believe it or a not, a delightful 75 yr old lady called Kris (later found out she was a mum of a friend who was there), music wise as always the Unabombers did the job and I can honestly say there wasn’t a moment through the whole evening when the dance space didn’t have people giving there all.

The event finished about 3:30-3:45am, though the crowd did try to get some more music played, but I’m guessing due to licensing laws, this didn’t succeed.

All in all was a top night indeed and if you’ve never been to 2022NQ, I can highly recommend it, nice space, nice people, will definitely endeavor to get there again in the not too distant future.



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