Day 9 – Quitting Smoking

Well I’ve been on the Champix 9 days now and I’ve noticed a definite change in my smoking habits, my habit has over the past 9 days been cut in 1/2, there’s even occasions where I would normally have a cigarette and I’ve not.

So my view so far of Champix is that it does seems to work, the next hurdle on this quitting journey will be Monday 20th Jan, this is the day that I have chosen will be my last day of smoking, after this point I will attempt to avoid situations that would normally result in me having a cigarette.

This means cutting out alot of my coffee drinking, spending less time gaming on my PC and giving up my morning breaks at work . . .

It’s been a strange journey so far, me thinking the Champix wasn’t working to me trying to figure out why cigarettes suddenly taste disgusting on occasion (all down to the champix)

Will be back Monday to report further on my last cigarette.

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