Bike accident outside work

Just seen some poor guy on a bicycle get knocked off it at the Junction of Davyhulme Rd East and Chester Road, a guy in a Blue Peugeot clipped him by the looks of it, ambulance and police attended fairly quickly, they took about 30-45 mins before they moved him into the ambulance.

The guy was placed onto one of those body-board ‘s where they strap you in and make sure your spine/head can’t move, so guessing they suspected that there was a possibility of head/spinal damage, actually surprised we don’t see more accidents of this sort at that junction as neither car driver nor cyclist seem to take any proper notice of the rd at this junction, I drive to work across this same junction everyday and I’ve seen both car drivers and cyclist acting like total idiots when driving/riding across it.

As a former cycling postman I am fully aware of the dangers that a car can provide to cyclists on today’s busy road and again as a motorist I realise that my car could spell death for a cyclist, so I tend to look at the road from both views when approaching/overtaking people on bikes. The Times are running a campaign at the moment hi-lighting the danger to cyclists on today’s busy roads and I support it fully, especially after seeing today’s incident.

Here’s hoping the guy involved is’nt badly hurt and makes a full and speedy recovery.

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  1. just realised i had a typo in my email address jcc D lass.fsnet

    ever tempted to jion the BBC at Salford
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    Chris Glass

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