Back in Market Weighton now

Got back yesterda afternoon and went straight round to see  mum, got settled in then headed across to Kirkella to see my friend Lisa and catch up a abit on all the gossip, eventually got home around midnight after sharing  a bottle or wine, could’nt stay longer as had car-boots to attend today with mel and mum.

So did the carboot thing this morning, not very many bargains to catch m eye I’m afriad, but plenty of people’s eye’s were aught Blue, had lots of people enquiring after her breed, even had some ask us if we’d be at Crufts next weekend which we found amusing, especially as Blue’s breed the Cane Corso is’nt even recognised by the UK Kennel Club, then we headed to York, but decided against staying as it was just to busy with foriegn tourists.

Now me and mel are sat in one of Market Weightons wifi hotspots Bradleys Cafe/Bistro enjoying a beer and a mocha 🙂 and of course updating my blog, as for the next 2 days  . . . no idea what we’ll be doing, but as soon as we know no doubt i’ll post about it on here so for now I’ll say ttfn

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