Back from the Lakes . . .

were we spent a weekend with Liam, Ben, John and Sophie, well to be honest we got back yesterday, this was due to the weather in Coniston being absolutely appalling, it was fine Friday night when we got there, but come Saturday morning it was just pissing it down, spent most of the day in the Black Bull and Ben’s caravan.

Just while I’m on about the Black Bull, I must highly recommend it, its Dog Friendly, the foods amazing (try the ale battered haddock) and the ciders mind blowing (SAXONS Cider 7.2%), the companies pretty decent as well, met some blokes from Hull of all places in there, they seemed to be having a good time, we also met a rather nice Dutch couple, who were walking there way around the lake district, which is a hell of a lot of walking indeed.

Should also mention that as is always the case when we go anywhere with Blue, she was the centre of attention, everyone wanting to know what breed she was and where she came from and how pretty she was, seems she’s building up a hell of a fan base around the country, reckon she should run for PM one day 🙂

After the Pub we headed back to the caravan to join the rest of them but got to admit, being confined to a caravan with no one but Ben, John and Sophie when its pissing it down outside is not the best weekend one could have, Liam realised that and left about 7:00pm on Saturday, we left at about 10:30pm, got home about 01:15am Sunday morning.

No offence to Ben, but listening to cheesy house tracks and trance tracks on a rainy Saturday afternoon is not conducent to a fun time, and Sophie if ya reading this please stop going so deep into peoples answers if someone says something just accept it, don’t try and disect it or question it, just accept that’s there answer and no matter how much you try you ain’t going to change there mind, at the most your just going to piss them off . . . there I’ve said it, and I’ve said it because your a mate.

In other news 2 friends have now parted ways, don’t know if there going to get it back on or not, but whatever they decide to do they both just need to stay friends at the very least.

Anyway that was our weekend, most of it was ok, just a few hiccups but all in all very good.

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