Arma III : Wasteland Tips and Tricks No 6 – Other ways to make money

Other ways to make money in Arma III Wasteland

Now what other ways are there for you to aquire much needed money to spend at one of the Gun Stores in Arma III Wasteland


Fuel Cans :

You’ll notice when hunting around towns and buildings that there are randomly spawned Fuel Can’s, which under normal circumstances you would add to your inventory in the event you were heading to either a “Capture Vehicle” or a Downed Helicopter”, as you would need this precious fuel to get these particular much sought prizes moving again.

But say you were a fresh spawn and you wanted to head to a Gun Store and start to kit yourself out in much-needed guns and equipment, you could instead start collecting these Fuel cans and placing them into your 4 Slot inventory and once that’s full load any remaining ones into a vehicle.

Now why would you do this you may ask ?

Well each of those fuel can’s at the last count  sold for approx. $100 each at a Gun Store, so even if you have only used your 4 Inventory slots, that’s an extra $400 to spend on Night Vision and a decent scope for the gun you have already hopefully found in one of the many abandoned vehicles.

Do this a couple of times and if your very lucky you could soon be kitted out with all the kit you need to survive for a bit longer, but don’t stay in that Gun Store to long.


Repair Kits:

Another thing you’ll see around the towns and buildings are Repair Kits, these little silver briefcases are a godsend when you’ve crashed your only transport into an impassable tree or wall, they are also a necessity when going for the “Ammo Truck” mission, as you need to repair the Ammo Truck before you can take it away.

Well again by placing these in your 4 Inventory Slots you can make yourself another $400 to spend at the Gun Store, as each one is worth approx. $100



Now just because someone’s told you not to approach or try to catch snakes in the wild if they bite you, doesn’t mean that they are not worth catching in Arma III Wasteland.

These slippery little customers are again worth money, catch 4 of these and take them to the Gun Store will get you I think again $100 each, so there’s another $400 to spend on that gun your after.

I’ve saved the best till last



Now the best way to get some money without any risk is by collecting yourself a Rabbit or four, these little beauties are worth . .  wait for it . . .  $200 each, so get 4 of these and that’s $800 to spend at the Gun Store.on the things to kill people with . .


Well I hope this little tip helps you enjoy Arma III Wasteland and helps you get kitted out and survive just that little bit longer.

If you have any Tips and Tricks you’d like to share, please feel free to post in the comments and I’ll more than happily add them to my next Arma III Tip and Tricks post.

2 thoughts on “Arma III : Wasteland Tips and Tricks No 6 – Other ways to make money

  1. Thanks for tips, I’ve started playing wasteland this month , after playing Exile. I’ve always thought that the bunnies should be “killable” and “edible”. Do you know how many shots are required to kill a player?, I’ve shot a dude on his head with an EMR , and he didn’t die…. :S

  2. Glad the tips have been helpful and that your enjoying playing Wasteland, one of my favourite mods out there to be honest.

    I myself have played a bit of Exile Mod, but not got enough friends who want to play it at the moment, so not been on it to much, hopefully that will change as the Mod progresses.

    Now with regards “How many shots to kill a player ?” we this can depend on what their health status was at the time ?, whether they had an armoured helmet on ?, whether they were wearing body armour ?
    I know I’ve had a few instances where I’ve shot someone in the head and they’ve not gone down straight away and this was due to them wearing one of the Pilots helmets, which if I remember correctly have the 2nd highest armour rating, so it did hurt them, but it didn’t kill them out right.

    I myself have actually had someone sneak up behind me while I’ve been wearing the highest armour rated helment (think its a 6 rating) and shoot me in the back of the head and I didn’t feel a thing, I was able to spin round and take him out before he realised he’d not killed me.

    So it may sometimes seem fairly hit an miss, but as you can see the body armour/helmets help quite a bit in Wasteland, always try and get kitted up with body armour as soon as you can, its that difference between mortally wounded/dead to being able to at least apply a medkit or eat some food to regain your health.

    Hope the above helps and just out of curiosity which servers are you playing on ? I myself prefer 1st Person, alot more fun, but there’s only FR 2 HC Wasteland that is 1st Person now and that relies on donations to survive.

    So if your ever on there and you see an Independant Player called “BobMonkhouse” that’s me, anyway soldier getting raiding and looting and see you on the battlefiled one day 🙂

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