Apparently someone else has complained . .

about the children on the close damaging the tree’s .  . .

A neighbour came round last night with a letter they’d received from a community office at Stretford Police Station.

The letter was informing parents of children on the close to stop climbing/breaking the tree, as it would be seen as anti-social behavior and as such could call for Police intervention.

So it seems that someone else on the close as feels the same way we do about it, lets hope the children’s parents start to take notice now and stop their wayward children damaging the tree, in the meantime, I’m just waiting for one of these parents to come across to our house and start giving me crap about the letter, because they will wrongly presume I was the one behind it and I am so looking forward to telling them that it was another concerned resident of the close.

So it seems not all people think “It’s just a tree !”

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