YouTube Wars

Seems I’ve picked up a troll on YouTube, he did’nt like one of my videos and we’ve got into a bit of a comments war, its getting a little bit out of hand at the minute we keep on insulting each other, so I keep upping the ante with my insults towards him.

He’s obviously got issues I’m guessing, but hey don’t we all !, anyway at least I have the balls to leave his comments on my vidoe, but he seems to delete mine as soon as i put them on his, well never mind maybe one day he’ll grow a set.

If you’d care to leave comment on his videos you can find them here Andymobile Channel feel free to say Vinceapplemac sent you and dont hold back for my sakes lol

Vince Vince (1330 Posts)

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One thought on “YouTube Wars

  1. He seems a right dickhead, has he got crabs ?? as he keeps feeling his b*lls ! or is he just making sure they are still there ?? He obviously leads a very sad life to make a video of himself dancing !! We should re-name him ” Billy No Mates” .

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