WPTouch Pro Plugin added to the Blog

Noticed from looking at my visitor stats, that’s  a hell of a lot of Mobile users accessing my blog now a days, so thought it best to give them a nice shiny and slick-looking way to read the blog and that’s how I came across WPTouch .

Mobile users will hopefully see the site something like this :

WPTouch is rather nifty WordPress Plugin that offers you many  features straight out of the box such as:

Language support : Available in 21 Languages both Admin and Themes

Themes : Comes with a selection of different Themes you can use for your WordPress site, from your basic blog to an e-commerce site

Customisable Themes : Take complete control over WPtouch themes and setup.

Advertising : Comes with built-in support to add advertising (Only available in the paid versions)

It also comes with a number of Extensions or mini-plugins for the WPTouch Plugin, these allow you to :

Use  Multi-Ads: Helping you to increase your site revenue with multiple ad-units per page and built-in A/B ad-unit testing.

Infinity Cache : Which adds true mobile caching to your WPtouch powered mobile site.

Responsive Images : Which automatically resizes images making posts and pages load faster.

Advanced Typography : Transform your mobile website with custom fonts, chosen by you, select your fonts from the complete Google Font library or load your sets from Typekit or Fontdeck, 

Mobile Content : lets you show mobile visitors separate content.

But out of all these features and extensions, my favourite has got be :

Web App : Let your mobile users save your Website as an iOS App on the Apple Devices

With this I can now give a Web app that you can download to your iOS device and give you instant access to the blog, if I’ve read the blurb correctly it even updates and lets you know when there are any new posts on the blog, so you’ll know as soon as I post any new content.

The Pro version runs at about £30 quid for one site and £69 for 5 sites also provides you with 1 year of software updates and support, so your fairly covered on getting the latest version and the support if you need it, just now got to see if they discount on future updates etc, will be investigating this as don’t want to have to be forking out on a yearly licence.

So there we have it the new plugin for the site, if you’re a mobile visitor, please let me know via the comments what you think of the new mobile site and the Web App (that’s if you download it ), also please let me know if you have any issues with the mobile version and I’ll try to resolve them.

Thanks for reading

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