Winter Vomiting Bug

Yes I’ve been one of the unlucky one’s, I’ve spent the last 2 days holed up in bed with m body not knowing which end it wants to spontaneously produce bodily fluids first, horrible horrible experience I can tell you, on top of that I’ve had hot and cold sweats that have made sleeping near impossible, as of a couple of hours ago the sweats have stopped and I’m hoping the rest of the syptoms die down a bit so I can attempt to get in the car and head to Yorkshire to my mothers.

If I feel any better by about 3-4pm I’m going to have a go at driving across there, so keeping m fingers crossed, if I do manage it I should be back in Yorkshire for about 7-8pm.

Mel’s staying in Manchester as her father Fred’ back across from Ireland for the festive season, so gives them time to catch up, much the same way me going to Yorkshire gives me and Mum chance to talk, Mel, Gail, Sel and Fred are going for a meal later all being well, so there’ll be some more photo’s for the Moore clan on flickr at some point.

Time for me to bugger off now as need to start getting ready if I’m going to attempt 80 miles without being sick in the car, plenty of dry toast, Lucazade and a bottle of mineral water to prepare for the journey.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Vomiting Bug

  1. Feeling alot better now cheers Husar, took me longer then expected to get to my mothers though, had to make quite a few Motorway stops if you get my drift, but at least I was able to enjoy Christmas dinner:)

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