What a weekend . .

Well wasn’t that a good weekend for a change 🙂

It seems as though its been months since we had such a sunny set of days, just hope that its a precursor for the Big Chill Weekend, cause if it is I might actually get a suntan before the years out.

Now suppose I’d better tell you what sort of a weekend we’ve had :

Friday : Well this was supposed to be just a quiet night in for me and Mel to watch some movies, but instead it turned into a night in with me, Mel and our mate John, how did this happen, well after we’d watched the first of our movies “The Last Castle” with Robert Redford ( a very good movie, you should watch itI got a missed call of John, so rang him back to discover he was having a bit of a relationship crisis and needed a mate to cheer him up, so got in the car picked John up went to Asda to score some beers and cider and then headed back to ours where all 3 of us talked into the early hours until John fell asleep on the recliner.

Saturday was intended to be our get everything ready for the Big Chill Weekend i.e. test the new tent, clean out under the stairs in order to find camping equipment, test pack the car to see how much room we had etc etc, but as John had stayed over the previous night this didn’t happen as planned, instead Mel, John and Blue went for a walk on the field and were later joined by Ben, who turned up at ours about 11:00am, so while they all chilled on the field I set about checking under the stairs, where I found about 4 torch’s, various camping style head wear, our camping flags and some spare gas for our camping stove, so it was a fairly successful clean up.

Next up was testing the new tent, at first this looked as though it could be a bit of a nightmare due to the instructions provided with the tent weren’t exactly the easiest to comprehend, but after about 20-30 mins I had the tent up, and if I do say so myself it looked pretty sweet indeed.

What the finished product looks like.

Anyway if your after a tent like this its the Quecha T6.2 available from all good camping shops for £169 or there abouts, we got ours from Decathlon in Stockport, the tent specs can be found here and I’ll no doubt post a review of the tent once we get back from the Big Chill.

After packing the tent away it was time to take Blue for her Saturday walk round Ivy Green and Chorlton Water Park, something we both enjoy as it gets us out of the house and gives us both a bit of exercise, something I need more then Blue, think this could be down mainly to me visiting Orlando’s afterwards for a Jerk Chicken and Salad sarnie, Blue got a sausage 🙂

Chorlton Water Park

Then it was home to chill out in the remaining sunshine and finish the beers from the previous night.

Sunday  was just a day to lay in bed most of the morning and then it was up and away to Ivy Green again, spent about an hour wondering round the woods and alongside the Mersey, both of which were fairly busy, put this down to the sun being out I guess, then it was off to Chorlton Green to sit in the sun and drink some beer.

Got home from the Green around 7pm and again it was watch some junk TV and the to bed.

And that dear readers was the weekend, not a truly eventful one, but still a nice one especially as the sun shone near enough the whole weekend, here’s hoping that Summers finally arrived.

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