Arma III : Wasteland Tips and Tricks No 4 :

Well since I started playing the Wasteland mod so many many months ago, I’ve slowly but surely progressed from the Noob who knew very little to hopefully the seasoned veteran player who’s sharing his knowledge with others, so without further ado, here’s a few more tips and tricks for surviving/playing Arma III : Wasteland Mod

Speeding up the revival of a team-mate:

So you’re groups in a firefight with one of the other factions in Wasteland and your team mates been shot and is waiting for a revive, but you’ve not got long to get him back up and in the fight before the enemy’s start to close in . . .  now reviving a team mate in battle or just after a battle can leave you in an exposed situation for what seems an eternity, well here’s a little tip for getting him revived quicker.

What you need to do :

As soon as you start reviving your team mate either go into the map screen on very quickly keep switching between the map view and normal view . . . .

Notice how the revive band on the screen starts to speed up, doing this speeds the revive up by about 15%-20% , might even be more, I’m intending to time this and work out what the exact time differences are, but any advantage in a battle is good.

This technique also seems to work for repairing/salvaging vehicles, though not yet tried it on re-fuelling or re-arming vehicles as yet, will let you know how it goes and if it gives the same speedy results.

Keeping that stamina bar down :

Since the release of V12 of Wastelands you’ll probably notice your soldier getting a bit more tired a lot lot faster, this is down to the introduction of the Stamina Bar/Model, in other words its more realistic, no longer will your soldier be able to run 3k with a fully loaded rucksack, Titan AA/AT, spare rockets, grenades, ammo, sidearm and main weapon, instead you’ll find running up that little hill that before took about 3-5 minutes, now takes 10 minutes because of either having to rest every couple of feet or because you’re taking it at a much much slower pace.

The advice I’m going to give now, is by far the easiest way to avoid continued stamina loss :

Get a quad and use it, yep it’s that simple, a quad will get your from A to B a lot quicker and without the stamina loss, you can store your heavy gear in its inventory when you’re attacking a target of completing a mission, allowing you more movement and less chance of having shaky vision because your soldiers breathing to hard.



So why not just take an SUV or an 4X4 ?

  • The Quads the better choice from my point of view for a number of reasons:
  • It’s a smaller target to hit and spot at a distance
  • It’s easier to hide and you can always pick it up and move it /load it else where
  • It can cut the deaths in your team/group, imagine it four people in a car, it gets blown up or crashes, your fcuked, now imagine two quads with two people on each, if one gets taken down there’s always a chance the other 2 can revive/avenge you/ or find a repair kit for you.
  • There much more fun to drive J
  • So stop running out of breath and start driving a Quad . .  it’s the right thing to do and may just give you an edge.

Geocaches and Mission Recovered Crates :

Weapons Crates

Weapons Crates

Something I’ve learnt pretty quickly on Wasteland is that visiting and staying in a gun store can only lead to one thing, other players heading coming to kill you for your loot/weapons.

One of the ways to avoid constant visits to Gun Stores is to try for the GeoCache/Aircraft Wrecks/Diving Zone/Wrecks  and Capture Base missions that appear on the map randomly, these will give you for starters the basic weapons you need to survive and in the crates/geocaches, hopefully the superior weapons that will hopefully allow you to not just survive but possibly dominate the maps.

But remember other players and AI stand between you and your prize, so either take it very slow or get in there fast and out fast, no dawdling around, this just gives other players time to get to the mission to pin you down and kill you.

Should you manage to get a crate/geocache here’s another tip, don’t just take it straight to a gun store to sell, yes I know you want better weapons, but you can get those by killing other players and looting their bodies for weapons and cash.

I’d suggest that you take the basics that you need to survive out of the crates and caches and then stash them in a building/bush/seashore for later, as there’s nothing worse than dying and having to start again, but hey if you’ve got a weapons stash on the map, your half-way back to being fully kitted, plus it stops those unnecessary gun store visits.

Anything that can keep you alive longer has to be worth doing.

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