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Discovered a nifty little plugin for WordPress today called Twitter2Press it allows you to turn part of your WordPress blog into an image hosting service for all those pictures you tweet, you know the ones that normally got to twitpic or one of the other Twitter picture hosting services.

Its fairly easy to set up and you can be up and running with it on your blog in about 5 minutes flat, I’m using Tweetie 2 to post the tweets at the moment as this seems to be the only iphone twitter client that allows you to choose a custom image hosting service, though i could be wrong (feel free to correct me).

So what are the benefits of hosting your Twitter generated pictures on your WordPress blog, well for a start you don’t have to point links to them if you what to post them on your blog, there already here, not much of a benefit I suppose, it also in a sense allows you to mobile post to your blog using the medium of pictures, but the best benefit of hosting them is now people on Twitter are now being directed to your blog rather than some image hosting company, so your getting all that extra traffic, and all that extra traffic might just decide to read your blog and maybe even follow it, so it’s hopefully bringing new followers to your own little space on the interweb 🙂

Anyway time to eat the Tuna and Lemon grass stirfry I just tweeted about mmmmm yummy

Tweetie 2

Tweetie 2

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6 thoughts on “Twitter2Press a new Plugin

  1. Vince,

    Loving the blog as usual. You have totally pimped it!

    Can I ask you a few geek questions. If you were me, how would you pimp my blog? Bearing in mind mine is built with and maybe yours is .org?

    Also what is the top traffic driver to your blog, out of interest?

    Any suggestions totally welcome.



  2. Hi James,

    my blogs actually self-hosted, which means I can pimp the arse off it no end, so the first thing I’d probably do to pimp yours is get you self-hosted, than follow it up with maybe some of your social networking links, so when ever you post to your blog it sends a link to say one of your SN sites, this in turn will bring traffice from friends, associates who might not regularly ready your blog, plus with things like, audiboo, flickr, YouTube & Twitter you can stick a link to your blog on your profiles, again another way of driving people & traffic to your blog that might otherwise not know it even existed (if that makes sense).

    With regards other pimping ideas, as a PR pro maybe theres a plugin for RSS feeds you could stick on your blog, something that maybe feeds from a media site, with news and the latest PR ideas(bound to be something out there).

    Its also a good idea to list yourself in the numerous blog directories that are out there, as people are always looking for something new to read or watch, also theres obviously the link exchange, swapping links with other blogs that are maybe on a similar subject or from the same area, say in my case I have a Mancunian Blog roll, of fellow Mancs I know who blog, so with no further ado I’ll link to you.

    Now regarding the top traffic driver to my blog . . .

    Just looking at last months stats top 10 referers
    1 8740 23.11% – (Direct Request)
    2 207 0.55%
    3 157 0.42%
    4 71 0.19%
    5 56 0.15%
    6 43 0.11%
    7 29 0.08%
    8 25 0.07%
    9 24 0.06%
    10 18 0.05%

    Anyway if you ever need any help setting up a self-hosted blog gimme a shout

  3. Cheers Vince. I need to get self hosted I think. I’ve got an RSS and a blog roll – which you are on by the way – but maybe I could link more to other blogs.

    Interesting to see how many images drive traffic to your blog? What are they searching for? Tags on your images?

    I might take you up on the offer of getting self hosted? What does it entail? Is it still powered by or is it .org. i get the feeling you need to know more about html with .org.

    Finally, how is the dog? Loving the blog. Makes me laugh. Some of the things you have on here make me howl!

  4. Hi again James,
    to self host all you need to do is get yourself a domain and a host, preferably with some sort of sql included to run wordpress.

    I myself use for my domain name and hosting, they also include in their packages quite a few different front ends to use for your site, wordpress included.

    Regarding setting up wordpress on the domain and host once you’ve bought it, is fairly simple with them, its literally a couple of mouse clicks and entering setting up a link to their included sql package, just a case of a username and password for the mysql, once thats done its just the same as your own present wordpress blog, not html skills required unless you want to radically change your blog that is.

    The good thing about hosting your own wordpress installation is you can literally use any wordpress theme or plugin out there, unlike where you only have a limited number of plugins and themes to use.

    Every once in while you may need to upgrade the wordpress installation to the latest version, but again its just a case of a couple of mouse clicks to backup your blog and couple to upgrade it, its childs play beleive me.

    Give me a shout the next time your out in Chorlton at a weekend and we can meet up at electriks for a brew and I can show you on the lappy how easy it is, as with my host I can set up sub-domains, so can set up another blog on a sub-domain of and show you how its done, I can have one up and running in about 10-15 mins.

    Anyway glad your liking the blog, it keeps me sane sharing some of the things that happen in my little old life in Manchester . . .

    As for Blue, she’s doing fine, though she’s suffering from a phantom pregnancy again at the moment and wondering round the house carrying a fluffy toy in her mouth all the time and being very protective of it (she thinks its a puppy), she’s also dug a nest under a bush in the garden, same spot as last time she had a phantom.
    Its quite cute actually seeing how she beleives the toys a puppy and how attentive she is of it . .
    Gotta say she’s a star

  5. What version of wordpress are you running? I’m on 2.9.2, but I’m running into a bug or two. Just really trying to see if othersknow of unpublished fixes.

  6. Hi JM, I’m running the same as you 2.9.2, not had any problems with it on this version, though did have a few after the previous upgrade, ended up uninstalling/deleting the Twitter2Press Plugin from my webserver and doing a fresh install of the plugin, after that everything seemed to work ok.

    By the way wheres your blog at so I can have a looksee.

    Cheer Vince

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